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The Rushwick Ethos:

                         "Treat others the same way you want them to treat you." (Luke 6:31)  

Rushwick School Motto: We are all learning to live and living to learn.

Rushwick is a learning community, underpinned by Christian values. We recognise everyone as a unique child of God.  We expect our children and all adults to treat eachother the way we all wish to be treated ourselves.

Our School Vision

Our vision is to nurture a sense of awe and wonder and provide an excellent education which equips each child with the necessary skills to meet changes and challenges throughout their life.

We do this by encouraging them to:

Learn from what came before. Be a change for good. Work hard. Be kind. Have a go. Ask questions. Share ideas. Try your best. Never give up. Aim high. Listen to advice. Be involved in school, national and global community issues. Make the most of new opportunities. Safeguard our Golden Rules.


                                                                        “Our Golden Rules”

Be gentle

Be kind and helpful

Be honest

Work hard

Look after property

Listen to people

Be ‘e’ aware


These Golden Rules for the Rushwick school community represent our understanding of British Values. We expect all adults working within the school community to promote these values and golden rules by:

 1. Valuing and building on the children’s cultural heritage and sense of identity within a modern Britain and as global citizens.

 2. Equipping all the children for their future in a rapidly changing world.

 3. Developing their skills dispositions and attitudes to learning alongside knowledge and understanding.

 4. Developing the children holistically: – their intellectual, practical, aesthetic, social and emotional capacities.

 5. Promoting children’s engagement in learning through enquiry led approaches involving exploration, risk taking, discovery and speculation.

 6. Be committed to ALL learners achieving the best they can achieve through high quality teaching, learning and assessment.

 7. Be complemented by assessment systems that contribute positively to learning.

 8. Involving governors, parents, families and local community in the curriculum.

 9. Equipping every child to be happy, confident and ambitious citizens of Rushwick, our nation and the world.

10. Promoting continuity especially at points of transition.







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